The Steamroller!

This past Saturday was Battleground Games and Hobbies’ first Steamroller event. There were about 14 players with all factions represented. Many of the participants were regulars in the local tournament community, so I expected some fierce competition. After a month or so of testing, I went with my eSorcha and Strakhov lists. Due to some emergency drops, there were 3 rounds of swiss. Unfortunately, I did not take notes so my battle reports are from memory, covering only the most important parts of the match.

Round 1 – James with Skorne

Scenario: Overrun

GREAAAAAT. I had never played against Skrone. Ever. I knew they were a lot like Khador, with elite infantry and good armor values. I reviewed his two lists and pretty much had no idea what to expect. However, one of the two had a lot of heavy infantry and beasts. That would be a dream match up for my Sorcha list, so I went with her. I lucked out and he took the smaller list I was hoping to play against.

His list:


*Molik Karn

*Bronzeback Titan

10 Nihilators

6 Cetrati

I read his cards pretty quickly and saw that he had no way to get any unit’s MAT above 7. With my Winter Guard wandering around with DEF 17 after buffs, I decided to hide most of my units behind them and wait until I could nuke Molik with my feat and grind my way to victory.

I won the die roll and chose to go first, running my Winter Guard forward and advancing the rest of my forces behind them. James did the same, with some clever positioning to take advantage of Xerxis’ Martial Discipline. On my next turn, I decided to take out Molik with Fenris and some of the Winter Guard. Sorcha moved forward and Cycloned into position, hiding behind my Devastator and War Dog. She blew her feat and put Iron Flesh on the Winter Guard to minimize the counter attack. The Winter Guard moved up to shoot Molik, failing miserably. Very little damage was done, sadly. Fenris charged through his Nihilators ( I love heavy cavalry!) and whacked Molik for half his hit points with his charge attack. After judicious use of Molik’s ability to force me to reroll attacks, Fenris wiffed with his second swing. Unfortunately, this was not what I was expecting. Molik Karn was free to smoosh faces.  On James turn, he pushed forward. The Nihilators took out Fenris and the intervening War Dog, allowing Molik Karn to charge my Devastator and side step into Sorcha! I thought it was the end, but I lucked out and lived with 2 damage boxes left. The next turn, my Winter Guard shot up Xerxis for the win.

It was a very close game and James was an excellent opponent. We both had some terrible rolls at crucial points in the game but he was a model sportsman despite the outcome.

Round 2 -Nick with Skorne

Scenario: Capture the Flag.

ARG! More Skorne? Having no idea what the hell any of his stuff did, I went with Sorcha again since she does so well against Hordes.  Here’s what Nick played:

Min. Beast Handlers
Min. Beast Handlers
Orin Midwinter
Void Spirit

There was a lot of back and forth in this game with excellent plays on both sides. I made a crucial error on Sorcha’s feat turn by leaving my Great Bear’s activation to the end of my turn when they were the crux of my strategy. Just as I was rolling dice to decapitate his Bronzeback, my time ran out. Let that be a lesson to everyone: Always do important rolls first when your turns are timed! That very same Bronzeback trampled through my lines and crushed Sorcha the next turn. Frowntown.

Round 3 – Keith with Circle

Scenario: Killbox

God damn it! More hordes! I really wanted to take Strakhov out, but the list is terrible against Warlocks. Sorcha again.

Keith’s List:



*Feral Warpwolf


Lord of the Feast (FUUUUUUU-)

Tharn Blood Trackers

Tharn Blood Weavers


This game was really fast. It was Keith’s first time playing against eSorcha, so he didn’t really understand just how much damage the Winter Guard could do in one turn. On my first turn, they ran forward and got Iron Fleshed. His Lord of the Feast killed a bunch on his turn, but on my turn Desperate Pace got enough of them within 7 inches of his Warlock. With Sorcha’s feat active and his warlock only having one transfer, that was the end of that.

At the end of the day, my round 2 opponent came in first, I came in second, and an excellent Cryx player came in third. I definitely can’t complain about the results considering this was my first Steamroller in 4 years AND my first times playing against Skorne. My eSorcha list was perfect. I don’t think there are any changes I would make. It was capable of dealing with nearly any threat posed by my opponents as long as I was smart about it. My one loss was not a fault with my list or tactics but with my unfamiliarity with timed turns. In the future, I expect to do much better than I did this time.


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